Applications for SAISD’s brand-new choice schools are now open

More opportunities to Choose Your Course

At the start of the 2019-2020 school year, SAISD was proud to add three new schools to its growing list of choice schools — and two more new options open in August of 2020. These schools, and specialized programs within existing schools, are open to students across Bexar County and the surrounding areas and require an application to gain admission.

With these schools, SAISD is furthering its commitment to grow the number of next-generation school options. Families have the opportunity to choose from a variety of unique schools and programs designed to best fit the individual interests of their child. Regardless of their academic abilities or where they live, students can apply to an SAISD Choice School or Program.

In case you haven’t heard of the new schools, we’ve provided all the information families need to know, including information about applying to these brand-new schools.

The application window for lottery and non-lottery grades is open now through January 31, 2020 for the 2020-21 school year.

Now Open

YWLA Primary

YWLA Primary

You may be familiar with the single-gender schools already available at the middle and high school level. The Young Women’s Leadership Academy (grades 6-12) engages female students in a rigorous, college-prep curriculum with the goal that 100% of students will graduate prepared to enroll in and graduate from college and be active leaders in their community. The Young Men’s Leadership Academy (grades 4-10, expanding to 4-12) helps boys achieve their highest potential by setting high expectations and emphasizing character, leadership, and discipline.

The new Young Women’s Leadership Academy Primary takes the same principles of preparing young learners for success and applies it to elementary school. YWLA Primary isn’t just SAISD’s first all-girls, college-preparatory, K-5 school with a focus on STEAM, leadership development, and social-emotional learning—it’s also the only public all-girls elementary school in Bexar County.

The school currently educates students in kindergarten through 1st grade, but will add 2nd grade next year and eventually expand to 5th grade. At YWLA Primary, there is a focus on self-awareness, emotional health, persistence and resilience. These students will have a unique opportunity to focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math), leadership development, and social-emotional learning.




CAST Med High School

As part of the Center for Applied Science and Technology (CAST), CAST Med is the newest in a network of tuition-free, industry-led, career-themed high schools in San Antonio. CAST’s innovative school model allows students to learn by doing, and gain real world experience through hands-on learning.

CAST Med offers three career pathways: biomedical research, medical professions, and public health. Students gain real-world experience with a multitude of industry partners, including UT Health and UTSA, through summer enrichment programs, job-shadowing, internships, mentorships, volunteerism, and clinical and research opportunities. College coursework is embedded in classroom curriculum, allowing students to graduate with a high school diploma and a minimum of 30 hours of college coursework, which can kick-start a promising career in the medical field. CAST Tech is the other CAST school that has partnered with SAISD and prepares students for careers in coding, cyber security, gaming, entrepreneurship, business, and more.



cyber p-tech

Cyber P-Tech

San Antonio has one of the country’s foremost cybersecurity industries, and Cyber P-Tech at Sam Houston High School is designed to prepare students to excel in those jobs. Under the four- to six-year model, students will be able to earn a high school diploma, an associate degree, a two-year post-secondary certificate or industry certification, and complete work-based training through internships, apprenticeships or other job-training programs.

Students will graduate the Cyber P-Tech program with the skills, credentials, and industry-specific associate degree necessary for high-wage, high-demand careers in cybersecurity. Pre-AP, AP, and Dual Credit courses prepare students for college, while extracurriculars like Fine Arts, sports, and Academic Decathlon enrich students lives’ outside the classroom.


Opening Fall 2020

Rodriguez Montessori Elementary School

The Rodriguez Montessori school will open with students ages 3-6, expanding to fifth grade in subsequent years. This is SAISD’s second Montessori school, and will be on the campus of the former Rodriguez Elementary School. The Montessori approach at the new school will offer student-centered learning and a strong emphasis on creating independent individuals who show empathy and compassion.

In Montessori classrooms, children make creative choices in their learning, while the teacher offers age-appropriate activities at each student’s pace to guide the process. Children work in groups and individually to discover and explore the world and to develop their maximum potential through interactive learning and self-directed activities.

H-TECH Program at Fox Tech High School

Healthcare Pathways Technology Early College High School, or H-TECH, at Fox Tech High School, a magnet school, will open in August 2020 as the second Pathways in Technology Early College High School in San Antonio (The first is Cyber P-TECH at Sam Houston High School). It will focus on preparing students with the skills, credentials, and an industry-specific associate degree necessary for high-demand careers in nursing and healthcare.

Under the model, within four to six years (depending on the track chosen), students will be able to earn their high school diploma as well as an Associate of Science and/or certification in Patient Care Technician or Medical Billing and Coding. Students will also complete work-based training through internships, apprenticeships, or other job-training programs. In the first four years of the program, students will split their time between Fox Tech and San Antonio College. The last one to two years of the program will be spent exclusively on the San Antonio College campus.

Applications now open

SAISD now offers more than 40 choice schools and programs for students all across Bexar County. Families have the opportunity to choose from a variety of unique schools and programs designed to best fit the individual interests of their child. Regardless of their academic abilities or where they live, all Bexar County students can apply to an SAISD Choice School or Program. Transportation is provided to these Choice schools from numerous pick-up and drop-off hubs around the District. After-school care is available at most Choice schools. Apply by January 31, 2020 for the chance to enroll in one of SAISD’s choice schools or programs for the 2020-2021 school year.